Who we are

Our team and their skills have grown immensely over the years, but our approach is the same today as it was when we first started – always focus on results and provide services that best suit our client goals.

We challenge each other to learn, question and innovate, and our team is committed to serving our customers the best way possible. Our team consists of experienced designers, programmers and system administrators with in-depth knowledge of the computer hardware and software, programming, as well as image editing and internet security.

We believe that quality of digital services is determined by the results achieved. That is why we start all projects with clearly defined goals and always work to achieve them.

We work with customers from across the globe and provide our services for local as well as international markets.

As the main course of our activities we have chosen specialization in:

  • WEB Development
  • Jewelry Design
  • Software Installation and Configuration
  • Trading and Arbitrage Software Development
  • Image / Photo Editing

What are your project goals, what is the most effective way to achieve them, how will it benefit your business and how can we measure it? These questions are the cornerstones of our approach. Get in touch and find out how we can help your business as well.

Meet The Team

We enjoy working as a team, and we all hold each other up to the same high standards.

Maksim Pol

CEO & Back-end Developer

Maksim is the co-founder and CEO of POLTECH. Data analytics and running the company are among his many specialties. He negotiates with business partners and leads team projects with copious knowledge, vigor and enthusiasm.

Jevgeni Hotejenkov

Sales & Marketing Expert

Jevgeni is a marketing specialist with expertise in brand activation and digital marketing. He is experienced in influencing and relationship-building through content marketing and social media engagement to create brand awareness, foster brand loyalty and increase profitability.

Dmitrii Pushak

Trader & Cryptocurrency Expert

Dmitrii is an experienced equity and derivatives trader, entrepreneur and early adopter of cryptocurrency. Dmitrii now has over 12 years of experience dealing in various asset classes: FX, options, futures, equity, commodities, complex OTC structured products and bonds.

Andrejs Pugolovkins

Graphic & Jewelry Designer

Andrejs is a graphic designer who likes his design clean and tidy. His favourite part of the process is putting ideas on paper, preferably with a good old-fashioned pen.

Pavels Filipovs

Front-end Developer & Systems Analyst

Pavels always loved mathematics and wanted to do something useful with it. Having that inspiring life philosophy, he easily found a place in our analytics team.


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